Tickets & Packages (1 person)


Can’t attend the whole event? No problem, you can find here the tickets & packages.

As a reminder, the whole program for the 48 Heures Automobiles de Troyes 2022 is here.

This admission includes the 48 Heures 2022 Kit :
– A bag
– Road Books
– Rally plate
– A badge
– The 48 Heures Catalog
– …

In addition to this kit, you can nom compose your own event with these options:

On Saturday :

You just want to participate to the rally and/or the Gala evening on Saturday :

On Sunday

You just want to come with us on Sunday. Exhibition at the Parc du Château de Menois is include with the 48 Heures 2022 Kit


Total des suppléments:


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